Dear Dr Fisch,
so glad I found you since I hear that you know something about how for instance testosterone can ruin egg quaity. I conceived naturally 2 years ago with my ex-boyfriend. Have now just done my first IVF-cycle with max dose stims of Menopur/gonal F, I stimmed for 17 days. I also, without the knowledge of my doctor, took dhea supplements almost 6 weeks, but only 25-50 mg a day. I had however had my testosterone and dhea levels checked before starting the dhea, and they were actually both very good/normal. My Dhea was even the level of someone 10 years younger than me. And still I started the DHEA, cause I read how many women above 40 had improved their follicle count and quality.
Back to my first IVF, the eggs retrieved looked perfect and mature and with loads of 'cells' around them, but didnt fertilise. The lab technician explained how the shells looked slightly thick and somewhat darker than good eggs.
Could this have been caused by the high and long stims? Or could it in fact be due to too much testosterone in my body due by DHEA supplements?
Im dying to do the right thing for my next IVF.
Lots of love from Denmark,
Yours Freya