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Thread: Having a rough moment here.....

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    Christine S Guest

    Default Good idea, but won't work for Ame.

    She will lose the key, forget to put stuff back in the box, etc. She's never really been capable of keeping things together.


    Quote Originally Posted by peanutgallery
    give Ame a special box with a key that she can put her stuff in? Or tell her when the others aren't around that she can keep it in a special drawer in your room?

    I understand... I have only one who has the big stuff, but I have three to juggle and the other two are always feeling frustrated because we can't do stuff because of N.

    Lately I've been deciding it's ok to take the other ones to do something fun that N can't handle, even if it means we can't go places as a family. Frankly, I think my dh is enjoying staying at home, he's been playing the part of grumpy troll

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    Default hehe- the charlie brown voice...that is exactly

    what i think Ella hears too!!

    Christine, you seem like a great mom. You are not doing anything wrong.

    I think they are just kids, and they like to have fun.


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