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Thread: Advice needed for first school based committee meeting (to consider 504 or IEP)

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    Default Advice needed for first school based committee meeting (to consider 504 or IEP)

    We are having our first School Based Committee (SBC) meeting on Wednesday. It will be the resource teacher, who heads the committe, Tanner's teacher, one other teacher and the assistant principal and me (us, if my DH can make it). The school psychologist was asked to attend, if he can make it.

    I used to attend these SBC and IEP meetings all the time, because I was the chairperson of the Student Support Team for several years. But, I am telling you that being on this side is SO much different. Especially because I know how unwilling the school system was to accomodate kids like Tanner (those with special needs, but working on grade level and above). This meeting is simply to determine the next step, I think.

    Any words of wisdom? Advice? If you had kids who were performing on grade level, how did you get the school to see the need for legal accomodations?


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    Default We're in the same boat.....

    Ame is working on a 5-6th grade level as she enters 4th grade.

    What I am doing is telling them YES, she's working at grade level. But that does not mean her issues are not causing her problems. I can easily point out the papers where she has flat out FAILED due to spelling issues, not processing directions, etc. I go on to describe what the past 2 years have been like in terms of getting work completed, homework, plus the little things which they'd rather NOT discuss like the general forgetfulness, the hysterical panic attacks. All of these DO have an affect on her school work.

    The fact that her natural intelligence has gotten her by up til now does NOT mean it will continue to get her by. And if the school is concerned about test scores, I do wonder what her scores would be if we could deal with the issues. She already tests high...and that's AFTER the panic attacks over the testing itself.

    So our focus is on helping her to reach her FULL potential, not certain test scores. For us, the accomodations are minor and most easily done in the school. It might take a few extra minutes or a little extra effort on their part to make certain she is keeping up 100%, but it won't cost the school any $$ to do so. We are not asking for any services so I think that helps our case.

    Not sure if any of this is helpful, but that's our approach.


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