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Thread: We are moved to a 504 plan

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    Default We are moved to a 504 plan

    Ella got moved to the 504 plan after her IEP meeting on Wednesday. She has a dx of CP so this way she can continue getting services. Her speech is amazing so in TN if your speech is good you can't qualify for other services under the IEP. I am hoping this will be okay. Oh and one other funny side note. The school is going LATEX FREE because of Ella. You would think she had a peanut allergy. They have sent home letters to all the kids regarding this. The must have LATEX FREE pencils. no rubber erasers and so on. Of course all of this and ellas teacher was painting the kids feet today and put what she thought was plastic ring on her toe. Ella told her it was rubber, she told her no its plastic. Needless to say Ella was right and she came home broken out in hives!

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    Default Good luck with the school year

    Oh my goodness, how ironic about the latex allergy incident. Yana has a latex alert, but has not had hives, but still it's amazing how often the medical staff will go to pull on latex gloves to examine her. Good for Ella for trying to tell her teacher- I hope her teacher learns from what happened today.
    Does Ella get physical therapy at school at all? My dd is starting preschool next week and will have 2/6 days PT and 3/6 speech therapy.
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