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Thread: 2nd miscarriage with donor eggs

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    Default 2nd miscarriage with donor eggs

    Someone suggested to me that I post my question here. I just had my second miscarriage with donor eggs (previously I had two IVF cycles with my own eggs which did not result in pregnancy). I'm 42, otherwise in good health, have been trying one way & another to have children since 2004. I started seeing an RE around 2005-06 and my husband & I had all the usual tests, with everything normal except a submucosal fibroid which was removed via surgery in 2008. After a terrible experience with adoption, we turned to another RE in 2011 & again, everything seems pretty normal with me; a slightly low thyroid which I've treated with levothyroxine since about 2010. My ovaries & uterus always behave well on the IVF drugs (we've never had a cancelled or delayed cycle, my uterine lining always looks good). I do apparently have a "tricky" cervix (narrow & with a curve) which has required general anesthesia for all 4 embryo transfers. My first DE pregnancy showed slow growth & little or no heartbeat at 6w5d, then a heartbeat & some growth about a week later, then the heartbeat was gone at 9 weeks & I miscarried at 10 weeks; this time, the 6w5d ultrasound showed no heartbeat, fetal sac size was 5w1d, and evidently there was a lot of placental tissue. I had a D&C the next day.
    The only other health issue--and neither my RE nor my neurologist can tell me whether this would affect my pregnancies--is that I had a seizure in early 2011 resulting in a subdural hematoma & some brain injury. I take 300mg of oxcarbazepine (Trileptal) twice a day to avoid future seizures (I never had one before 2011, and it was probably caused by low seizure threshold + Wellbutrin, but family history & brain injury mean there is a risk of another seizure). I know the research is inconclusive on this seizure med and pregnancy (though what little evidence there is suggests more of a link to low birth weight than miscarriage). We have 4 frozen DE embryos left and I want to do anything I can to maximize our chances of having a baby before they (and our money) are gone.

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    You should talk with your doctor about being tested for immunologic and thrombophilic risk factors contributing to your problems. For mor information on the tests included in the Pregnancy Loss and Thrombophilia panels you may visit the information ofn Recurrent Pregnancy Loss on this website or visit the website of FClabs as Dr. Coulam

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    So sorry for your loss --- I sent you a private email and hope you received it. The link to the basic overview for immunologic testing is located here:
    I would also suggest you try some searches on the main site ( ) top right corner -- as we have a lot of information on this condition - be sure to also see Dr. Coulam's latest article on Intralipid.
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