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    We have been trying for baby for last 5 years.
    For 1st 2 year we went around hospitals and going through IUI's which didn't work.
    My wife seems to be having polycysctic ovaries and Fibroid. My sperm count is ok with ok quality,but no IUI's work.
    Later on we took a break and my wife conceived naturally through a doctor
    who believes in more of physiological treatment with ovulation.
    But post 5 month the baby had to be aborted due to infection ( my wife had bleeding almost every month end)
    Note this doctor is a ex-fertility specialist who believes in natural conception and gave up ivf treatment and handles pregnancies in different way (we have seen miracles in front of us)
    As per her bleeding etc is very normal fertility patient and she used to people to deliver after 9 month even with bleeding

    Post that it has been 2 year and we haven't conceived (using the natural path ).
    we are thinking about going for IVF. My age is 36 and my wife is 34.

    We are from bangalore india and looking for some good doctors

    Is IVF the right path ?what could be the reason we had failures

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    Well that is a long time to wait so I think that IVF makes sense given the duration of your infertility and the story as I understand it....

    Good luck.
    Dominion Fertility
    Arlington VA

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