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    Default To concieve.

    ear Doctor,
    First I thank and appriciate the valuable service your doing,free of charge.May God reward you all !
    My problem is I took follistim 100mg tablets for five days,started from 28th December.Then I had a scan on 7th & had a 21mm doctor gave me ovidac(hcg) injection on 7th at 5.10 p.m.We were asked to have intercourse on the following day(8th) night.(We last had intercourse on 6th morning).but unfortunately on 8th night he was ejaculated before inserting into me.On 9th morning we again tried and at that time he couldn't fully erect,bt manage to insert and ejaculate.(but I'm not sure the sperm went inside properly or not)
    Doctor my questions are
    1) On 9th morning we had intercourse after a short time from his last ejaculation(which was happend on 8th night).So the sperm count may be law as the time gap between was not enough?
    2) If so,do I still have a chance to concieve?
    3) How many hours from now do I have chances to try again?
    Please please be kind enough to answer as soon as possible as I think I have a limited time to try.My husband will leave the contry by two weeks.
    Thank you.

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    Follistim is injectable, so perhaps you mean either Femara or Clomid?

    Yes, you still have a chance to conceive. The hCG injection should trigger the egg to ovulate the next day. The egg can then be fertilized for about 12-24 hours, so if there were sperm there at the time of ovulation or shortly thereafter, the egg may still fertilize and conception may be possible.

    Good luck!
    Dr. Roseff
    Dr. Roseff - South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine - Boca Raton, FL
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