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    Every women has to become a mother and pregnancy is the second birth of the women. The most of the women are face the miscarriage or infertility problem but here i want to talk about some pregnancy care tips and cause of the infertility or miscarriage.
    The Pregnant women should have take the healthy food like juice,fruits,egg,milk and green vegetables and so on... and the avoid the physical relations with your partner for some days which is the main cause of the miscarriage problem. Don't do heavy work in 3 or 4 months of pregnancy and don't take the mental stress in pregnancy.
    Over age, mental stress,over exercise, and fallopian tubes blockage is the some reasons of the infertility problem.
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    Tips for the pregnancy will be good for the mother and for the baby in the starting time with diets. I medical students and I like to read all the related post which I use to search for good articles and treatments written about on INCIID.
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