I have had 3 miscarriages. 1 own egg and 2 with donor eggs. I am on my third donor egg transfer cycle. 1 am 42 and being treated by Dr Slater at ICRM (thank you for your consult this past December when you visited for the holidays).

Before my last transfer - here are my numbers in Dec from RIA (Dr Matzner in California):
  • NK 1:50 - 13.5%, some suppression with IVIG.
  • Positive APAs - Phosphoethanolamine and Phoshoinositol)
  • Normal IP

One week before transfer on 2/19, I did: 4ml 20% intralipids and started taking Lovenox and 81mg aspirin daily.
One week after transfer - 4ml 20% intralipids
Pregnant! Hives started 5 days after transfer. Tx with 1 - 5mg prednisone daily

I re-tested two weeks after my transfer. Here are my new results:
  • NK activity 1:50 is now 21.3% with NO suppression with IVIG (1:50 is 30.5%)
  • IP is now abnormal: CD16/CD56 = 17% and CD5 B cells = 23%. Rest normal.

Dr Matzner recommended IVIG
I did 20 mg of IVIG 3 weeks post transfer and the next day, 100ml of intralipids.

I went in for my first ultrasound 1 month post transfer (6 weeks, 5 days):
- twins! however, one was a blighted ovum. The other has a strong heartbeat and was measuring two days behind.

I am now scared to death. The intralipids (which I did twice) did not bring down my NK levels and my IP is now off the charts (previously it was normal).

Dr M wants me to do two days in a row of IVIG in two more weeks. IVIG is not covered by insurance and is very costly.

  • Why did my IP all of a sudden become positive?
  • Why did my NK levels skyrocket despite two intralipid treatments?
  • Is there any hope for my one remaining embryo?
  • Should I do IVIG when my in vivo test indicates no suppression?

Dr M's lab does not test for intralipid suppression. I am 7 weeks PG today and scared to death that I will lose my one remaining baby.

Any advice and insight for me is much appreciated.