I have been having horrible morning sickness and went to ER on July 19 where I had an ultra sound and fluids. My ultra sound says I am 5wks & 5days as of today (July 27) My lmp was May 10-16.
My sexually active days were May 30&31 June 20,21. The doctor I saw at the hospital says I conceived on July 1?? But, I had a positive hpt on July 7 and a digital reading 1-2. My last sexually active day was 21 June. My HCG reading was 3,086 on July 19.

I can't figure out how my yolk sack is only reading 5wks&5days??

I have PCOS & Endometriosis with irregular if at all ovulation. I have one child born 6 years ago premature due to HELLP & eclampsia. I have had a c-section, removal of appendix and endometrial adhesions removed twice with lots of scar tissue. This is a completely natural conception. I was only on metformin for 2wks to try and help with hair growth.