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    This is my very first time posting on INCIID and let me just say, I already feel a little better. I am a military veteran as is my husband so we go to the VA hospital for care. I have been passed around to 4 different doctors and the last one I saw yesterday says my only hope may be IVF because of a tube possibly being dilated. So many things went through my mind and I was kind of an emotional mess. I felt such an empty feeling inside me. We don't know what to do and really just need support and reassurance that we will soon have a healthy baby. Anyone have something similar to share? Thoughts? What happened to you? Were you successful? Any input helps, I appreciate it!

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    just keep moving forward and try your best... my cousin got the same problem but everything is just fine now , she just listened to whatever the dr said, just let the professional do their job! hope everything will be fine soon!

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