There are so many couples who are still struggling with infertility and who have gone through multiple rounds of IVF. i just wanted to share mine... i have been struggling for so long.. I struggled a lot with this question during the time when we were trying to conceive, every time someone we knew became pregnant i would be pressured and i would hate myself because i cant have what they have ... i met this dr who helped me get pregnant and my husband decided to seek help and consult a fertility doctor. Dr Ann Tan was recommended by a good colleague who got pregnant through Dr Ann. They found out during their consultation that my husband has poor sperm motility. I was afraid to try IVF. I canít handle another disappointment of not being able to conceive a baby. Thank you, Dr Ann, because you gave us a chance to get pregnant with our daughter...We are grateful each and every day for Women Fertility & Fetal Centre.