Hi everyone,

Like some of the readers on here I have been diagnosed with PCOS, just at the ripe age of 19. I am a student who is currently outside of the states, and thus my support system is away from me.

It is truly a struggle to be dealing with this information alone lately. It's nice to finally have a diagnosis behind never achieving my menstrual arc, but it is not a nice diagnosis. Generally, I am good at compartmentalising, but this past week I keep going back to the doubts of whether I will find a partner willing to support me despite my diagnosis, when to tell people, how to keep my mood in check etc. I think the fact that my birthday is creeping up on me is what's been causing this recent spurt of grief. Another year gone by means I'm closer to entering the world of friends getting pregnant while I might never have that... and my older sister, aka my best friend, is especially closer to trying. How can I be so happy for her but also so mad about it too? Not mad at her, more of feeling self-pity.

Honestly this sucks.

My symptoms are generally not too awful on the outside, luckily my acne and weight gain aren't drastic. My cramping "down-there" is absolutely awful lately though, and my mood is going up and down at an embarrassing rate (I think my roommates are worried I'm going to turn into the hulk or something).

I just wanted to see what y'all do to handle this, and maybe make a few online friends who know what this is actually like.

Thanks for reading