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Thread: Hi Friends(everyone check in)

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    Default Hi Friends(everyone check in)

    I have been lurking for the last couple of days. I am pretty overwhelmed myself right now and haven't posted. All day kindergarten started for "M" (PDD-among other things)
    It is overwhelming for her and for me.
    I don't know what else to say.
    I am tired.
    How about a check are you all doing?
    Leslie & M (PDD)

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    Christine S Guest

    Default So far so good here.

    Amelia - her school has been delayed 2 weeks. She's driving me a tad batty trying to find things to do, but it's nice having JUST her here all day. We head in to talk to the sp ed coordinator about setting up her 504 today. I'm not expecting any isues with this since the school has been so gung ho on the matter.

    Tobin - a bit of backsliding over the summer, but that's to be expected. He started back to preschool yesterday and got a glowing report. He even sat still for circle time . We are still having meltdowns, but they are fewer, less severe, and he is able to pull himself out of it more and more often.

    Ansley - She gets the gold star lately. She started preschool yesterday also. She talked to her teachers, participated in circle time, interacted with the other kids, and even made a few smart alec comments to her teachers (which is typical at home, but SO atypical at school where she withdraws). She's looking like quite the big girl these days too. We learned a lot about her this summer and WHY she does some of the things she does. Our whole camping trip where she was a totally different child really helped us to understand how the stimuli of LIFE in general gets to her.

    It's pretty chaotic around My schedule looks worse than it would if I were working FT. But I'm happy to be back on the schedule of school and able to help out wherever I can.

    for you and everyone else struggling. I'm sure we'll have our low points this year as well, but for the moment I'm trying to enjoy the good times.


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    Ihostmom2mitchandnick Guest

    Default Hey Leslie....

    I am glad you are lurking. Try and hang in there ok?
    I am overwhelmed as well. I try and stay away from the bb2001 board as Nicholas is sooooo not there. All of their children are starting K....and Nicholas is no where close.....immune issues aside.......he is still years behind. Makes me sad to think he is going to be behind his whole life........I am very thankful he is here, dont get me wrong.....but being several years behind kids his own age is not going to be easy for him.
    He is having some medical issues that are scarey.....upsetting and confusing all in one shot. Kidneys and liver and high blood pressure. Nothing I want to mess with.....I want them to get to the bottom of it now.....before he really gets worse......I will keep on the doctors!
    He lost both front teeth, and today I am noticing a black spot in the hole where a adult tooth should come in.....I hope and pray that some of his teeth are not black like the doctors thought would happen.
    Mitchell is living down with his dad more than with me......he has a job, football and big time I told him he could stay down there to concentrate on his Junior year of high I am having terrible withdrawl from him BIG TIME! We talk on the phone every day.....but my teenager is finding out what life is all about....Big tears on my end.
    Anyhoo......feeling very overwhelmed and emotional myself.....been lurking more than posting.....and trying to get some kind of life going for this family of mine...................My highlight of every day is When Nicholas comes running to me and says " comes my kisses"! Totally precious!
    You keep your chin up.....I am here if you want to chat??? Just email me, it does work through inciid!
    Big hugs to you!
    Mary Ann and Nicholas

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    Default School has been going on for both of my dds

    School is going great for my dd who is dyslexic and ADHD and has auditory processing issues as well. She started 4th grade and had a project due the first week of school which was an oral book report with a visual presentation. She read Project Mulberry and grew silkworms and did a couple of posters. She got a 95 for a grade!!! Yeah!!! We are off to a good start. She joined band too and is playing the saxophone.

    We are really hoping this is her last year at her LD school. We feel like she needs to at least try to go to a regular school with support from tutors, accomodations in the classroom, etc. It is scary to think about but at the same time something I think we all want. Just in case there is someone who doesn't know, I live with my 2 dds in a different city 75 miles away from our hometown just during the school year so she can attend an LD school. This is our 4th year and we are all getting really burned out. We'll see. I need to set up some meetings really really soon with her school and the school we think she will attend to start investigating whether or not it can be done.

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    Default I am ready to quit!!!

    Let see...

    Ella is doing great in school (yea) but she has to have surgery very soon AGAIN! She could possible come out of it with a trache. So I am a bag of nerves.

    Katie is doing good, teacher says she is on track but a very much in a hurry to get her work done!

    Rainey is doing great but her Tourettes medicine was making her sick so she decided to quit!!! She has a boyfriend now and I had to buy her a bra! I am not ready for all of this stuff! Her tics are worse but she is happy so I guess I can't complain too much.

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    Default here we go...(sibs) plus a PT ?

    Alex...started school over 4 weks ago. He's in half day kdg in an autism kdg class. He is integrated for all specials. He is a mad man these days, even regressing in private OT, due to his inabilty to stay focused. He is stimming like crazy these days too. We are in the midst of trying a THIRD ADHD medicine, but I am not 100% convinced any of the meds for ADHD will help. SIGH... He is also seeing a new pediatric GI dr who specializes in children with autism. She is incredible...We finally found someone who is taking this issue seriously! Waiting on tons of blood work results and doing some OTC stuff, plus one more day of flagyl. So far, no change, but we are moving forward with the dr's plan. Just happy to have a plan! He is still a happy guy, and the love of my life (along with his sibs, of course!) But, he is worrying me more these days.

    Megan...Started the school year in a half day program. It was integrated kdg. NOT a good placement for her. My dh was right. Very long story! We moved her to all day and she is doing AWESOME! (she goes to the school where I teach) I am so proud of her. Her SLP asked me HOW she qualified. (because she needed OT...sad, huh?) Her fine motor skills are almost as good as her peers these days, so I don't anticipate her needing OT next year! Sooooooo, she is doing great. I am so proud of her!

    Nathan...never post about him. Hope it's ok. He's my 20 month old. A pure joy. Talking and bossing his sibs around like he's six! Whew, such a relief that he is developing "typically." On bad days, I worry that he will regress...don't know why I do that to myself! So, I try and remain positive!

    Me...I changed grade levels this year and am teaching 1st grade again! I am so glad I made this move. I love my job, although it is keeping me way too busy right now. Maybe part of Alex's deal?? Guilt, guilt! Luckily, my parents are watching him in the afternoons and they are trying to potty train him once and for all. Oh... I left that part out. He can hold it ALL day, wears underwear to school. He won't use the toilet, so he waits til he gets a diaper. That can't be good. I know I shouldn't cave and give him a diaper, but it worries me that he holds it ALL day! I mean ALL day! WWYD?

    Good idea for updates. Good to see you Leslie. I lurk alot too...not much time to post. Here's hoping once your dd settles into kdg things will start looking up! Kdg is a tough transition for ALL kids!
    Hugs to you!

    Quote Originally Posted by LeslieM
    I have been lurking for the last couple of days. I am pretty overwhelmed myself right now and haven't posted. All day kindergarten started for "M" (PDD-among other things)
    It is overwhelming for her and for me.
    I don't know what else to say.
    I am tired.
    How about a check are you all doing?
    Leslie & M (PDD)

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