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Thread: conference with teacher in 30 minutes and feel nauseated

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    Default chiming in late....

    Just haven't had time to post lately! But, I have been following this story closely! I hope Tanner's teacher can step up to the plate and work with you to make this a great year for him! Are you sure you can't move to AZ? I teach 1st grade. I even had the school PT say to me today, "You sure do seem to know alot about the different therapies, are you are therapist and a teacher?" LOL I took it as a compliment. My class has all kinds of different issues. I love it! :-) Tanner would do great in my class!
    Sending you and Tanner tons of hugs, Val!


    Quote Originally Posted by Val.
    The entire situation leaves me feeling sick. I'm still waiting to hear back from someone at the school about "ruling out the IEP" so we can use the current evaluation to do that.

    This is a regular conference I requested to provide medical and diagnoses info, plus the STACK of strategies I will request she use. Tanner has already gotten the "needs to make better choices" note home three out of six days this year. And it's nothing serious at all, but it is bringing him down. And me, too. I guess I just can't expect his behavior to be great. But, I hate that he has to be one of just two or three kids in his room each day to have to get these notes.

    I really just think they think I'm being a pain in the rear.

    Well, I better get going.

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    Thanks for the note! I wish I could too. I taught first grade for eight years before moving into a gifted resource position, and I too worked well with these types of students, and went out of my way to advocate for them. I called a parent of one of my former students a few weeks back to ask her how she navigated the system and her reply was, "You need a YOU at that school. Jesse would not be where he is today if it hadn't been for you." That made me feel so good. Yet, it's a double edged sword because I simply don't have an advocate for him or for us there. It's like no one seems to even care. And maybe my expectations are too high because I did go out of my way for my students. I really do think it takes a special type of teacher to work with non-typical children. That's why I'm so disappointed that the principal didn't even really take the time to make a careful placement.

    It's truly pathetic. Thanks again for your post!!

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