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Thread: Can I BEG for more advice (re school)....

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    Default APD info at the ready!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Val.
    Since we know he has some processing issues, I wanted to check into auditory processing evaluations, too.
    If you need any info about APD (auditory processing disorder), please let me know and I will be happy to pass it on to you!

    Also, my son had a student in his 1st grade class that was ahead just in math, but on track in other areas. So he stepped out of his 1st grade class and went into a 2nd grade class for their math section. He was not pulled out for serives, but for an "advanced" math program. So there is an idea.


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    Default What a mess.... (((HUGS))) to you.

    Hey Val-

    I have been following your story, just haven't had much time to post, as we are having issues, too. But that is another story.

    I think that you have been reasonable in your requests, and in giving her the benefit of the doubt in honoring those requests. It is obvious from what happened with the homework that she is overwhelmed, and not really willing to work with him in the manner that his necessary for him to be sucessful. I think, as the others have said, it is time to turn up the heat and start making noise. DOCUMENT everything so you have a paper trail behind you. I have a friend who wound up sueing her school district over the placement of her LD son, and she won (eventually). He went to a specialized trade/life learning type situation, and it was partially because of all the documentation she had from everyone involved.

    I know that Tanner's situation is different, and that at this point, a different school is not an option. That unfortuantely means that you are stuck working with the people you have posted about. I'd say that an "in your face" approach may make them take notice a little more and realize that you are not going to back down. I think sometimes administration feels that if they put you off enough, you may get "broken down" and back off. You have to do just the opposite.

    It STINKS that you are having such difficulties this early on. I worry about Noah, and sometimes I wish that we on this board all lived closer, and could start our own charter school for SNK that are not being serviced properly..... imagine what a place THAT would be, with all of us. I wish I could offer something of more substance, but all I can say is- we are here to hold your hand, get angry with you, hold you up, and help you get back in there for more. I know it isn't easy......but where would Tanner be without you? Remember that everything you do WILL pay off, even it it seems futile right now. (((HUGS))) to you. Good luck, and keep us posted.


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    Default There are also companies that give student loans...

    if you are ever interested, I can get the information from my school. I know alot of people who have taken out at least one student loan for elementary. Low payment, low interest, kind of like a college loan.

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    Default is Montessori an option for Tanner?

    obviously his school, teacher and principal are not working for him. You have to find something else. We have a COMPLETELY non-responsive principal, but Keagan is in a Montessori classroom with a great teacher - and the superintendant of special ed has been very responsive. The principal has not even responded to my last two requests to modify Keagan's 504 - so I go to the superintendent and things happen. I'm REALLY confused as to why Tanner's 504 is in any way related to his test scores and performance relative to at-grade performance. His disability affects his education and he needs special services - period. Comparing him to some "average" is wrong - he has a documented, recognized disability and thus needs special accomodations. Get the actual laws and regs and quotethem in your correspondence - which needs to be cc'd to the principal and superintendant of special ed.

    Doesn't the teacher see that 'punishment' by skipping recess do no good and will be harmful - creating a negative feedback loop?

    Arrrgh - I feel your pain and wish I could help. I'd call the school associated with his camp and see if they can offer you any financial help anything at all, reduced tuition, payments, something - Beg! the timing is critical and if that does not work and you have no other options - homeschooling is always possible.

    Sue and Keagan

    leaving Sunday morning for Baltimore

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    Default What is his dx?

    I have been happy with our school (so far). It is a public school. Does he have a diagnosis?
    Leslie M.

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    Default Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh...

    I'm starting to think your best hope is to have your entire family walk naked into the school office. Because they don't appear to be taking any notice when you follow all the appropriate channels. I just want to cry with you. You have done everything right, and results. Unfrickenbelievable. The worst part is that you predicted EXACTLY how, when and where Tanner would struggle, and (surprise, surprise) that's exactly what happened.

    Personally, I'd find out more about the other teachers who might be available. Is there one who might be more qualified? I agree with you that a teacher Tanner likes counts for a lot, but maybe there's someone he'd like just as well who is also QUALIFIED! Anyway, what outcomes are acceptable to you? A 504 plan? Having him go to a higher grade for certain subjects? Reaching a written understanding with the teacher? Then I'd go after that bottom line, whatever it is. take on this is a little different than some of the other posts, and I don't know if it's right. But I'd start by addressing the recess issue b/c that was clearly unacceptable. Then I'd wait and not escalate (yet). Not wait and do nothing, but wait and document every little setback and issue. I bet that after a month or so, you'll have a very convincing case for why he needs a 504. You just had a meeting, and they were unconvinced. So get the 'evidence' you need, and reconvene. IMHO, the real priority right now is getting that dang teacher in line b/c, as you said, Tanner's happiness and self-esteem is everything.

    If it makes you feel any better, I've learned a ton from your experience . My kids start K next week, and I've already launched my first strategic offensive! I'm volunteering in the school office every week, working on the PTO, and putting my happy face in front on the principal. Because I am so convinced that we are going to run into these same issues, and I want to be well entrenched in the organization in preparation. I'm my own 'embedded troup'. LOL. I don't know if this strategy is going to pay off, but it is so, so clear to me that the school (like most) is completely unprepared to deal with a kid who is advanced and learning disabled. Honestly, Val, I can so relate. It's like you KNOW your kid is going to fall down, you tell other people that he's going to fall down, and when you look away for a second, he falls. It is so frustrating. Why don't they get it?

    Please don't make yourself sick over this. The important thing to remember is that Tanner is in first grade. You are WAAAAAY ahead of the curve in terms of getting him help. He will be successful - there is no doubt in my mind, b/c you aren't going to be satisfied with any other outcome. It's still early in the year, and as I said before - I think the teacher situation sounds MUCH more promising. I'm so sorry. You and Tanner deserve better, and you'll get there - one agonizing step at a time.

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    Thanks you guys. So many great ideas and different perspectives. I'm sitting down right now to write the email to the teacher regarding the recess/incomplete work issue. I am SO glad I've had the weekend to calm down and think things through. Of course, I've been up half the night thinking...LOL...but sometimes that's when I think my best thoughts (and do the most worrying).

    My plan is to address this particular issue with the teacher first. Next week I'm going to continue to try to track down the head of special programs in the school system and speech and language to find out everything I need to know because I want all my ducks in a row and want to know all of our rights. Also, I have another meeting with the psychiatrist on Tuesday and want to get her "take." And I'm going to keep documenting. I think I want at least a couple weeks of documentation about the incomplete work because I'm SURE that one week isn't going to be very convincing. I also want to see if anyone contacts ME from the school, as they are supposed to. And so I will be drafting a letter to the principal, et al this week.

    Other questions and info...
    We have a consolidation loan for the funerals and cannot take out any type of loan in the meantime (financial aid, car loan, mortgage, credit cards, Etc.) until it's paid off or we lose the VERY good terms that we were given due to the extrenuating (sp?) circumstances. That's why I think in a few years private school may be an option. But, now it is not.

    Montessorri school I think would be a good choice to address his strengths. In my experiences, I'm not sure if there would be enough structure for him but I do have plans to go observe at one that is one town over. It would not be an option for this year but maybe next.

    Yes, I'd LOVE info on auditory processing. I was trying to find my files in the attic from when I taught, but can't seem to put my hands on them right now.

    Leslie, he's had a full eval. Though he is on/above grade level, his diagnoses are: Sensory Integration Disorder and Learning Disorder (due to a split on the IQ subtests but not in reading, math, or writing. It's in speed/processing). But these two diagnoses will not be accepted in our district, from what I understand so far. He is also diagnosed with Hypotonia (mild) and Developmental Coordination Disorder. These both can be used on an IEP (if he's below grade level) and a 504 (if he's below grade level OR if there is a problem with productivity/completing work). I am going to contact Speech/Language to see if Auditory processing can now be tested. He had full lang. testing through the school system when he was four because he failed their screenings twice. He scored in the superior range, but processing was a concern and they suggested testing for that at six years old.

    You cannot imagine how much your support means to me right now. Thank you all so much!!

    And I'm so sorry for those of you going through similar situations and hope the best for those of you getting ready to start yourselves. I'll keep you all posted after I hear back from the teacher.


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    Default Continued support for you Val.....

    Wish I could get over there and MAKE them help you, but you at least have my support.


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