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Thread: Should I be writing a letter (preschool?)

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    Default Should I be writing a letter (preschool?)

    I have been reading the letters to the teacher/school, etc on here so far and I have found them very insightful.

    DD just turned 3, has SID, anxiety, social issues, and ??

    My dd is going back to preschool with the same teacher as last year. Last year this teacher and her annoying assistant were the ones that pushed us for EI for our dd. At the time, we were p*ssed at the way the assistant kept saying dd has autism and was nasty about the way she dealt with us.... and we were in denial too, but now we are thankful. (so far she has not been dx'd with autism anyway) We even gave them thank you cards at the end of the year for it their help, so we ended up really appreciating it, (except the nasty assistant's attitude). Anyway, the annoying assistant is gone now, and the great teacher that DD loves, will be her main teacher. (not a special needs specialist at all though)

    At any rate, now we know what is going on with her. She is in EI, with an OT, and has a special ed teacher's helper coming in to her class to help her and a few other kids with SN in her preschool class. It has come to my attention though, that the special ed helper might just be a high school graduate, with no specific training. (argh) (that is all the state can afford i guess??)

    So, I am left wondering if I should write a letter about Ella;s special needs or not. Tomorrow I go in to sign her paperwork, and if I should write one, it should be put with tomorrow's paperwork.

    I am concerned because last year the teacher made a few snotty comments about some things that ella was not doing, that they wanted her to do. For instance, she was 2, and could not yet put her coat on. The teacher said "we have too many kids to have to put their coats on for them." We tried and tried but could not teach DD to do it. I am not even sure if she will do it this year. Also, dd will NOT eat their food. honestly, I would not eat it either, but the rest of the kids do. Her OT wants them to make arrangements for dd to have foods she will eat. I doubt they will do it though.

    So, should I write a letter explaining all of this and more or just tell them verbally when I see them?

    Thanks for your great advice (in advance!)

    Ella just turned 3!

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    Default I think our system may be a little different...

    My dd just turned 3 also. She started public integrated preschool this summer at 2 years nine months. She had EI and school services overlap until her bday yesterday. Now the public school has to provide all her services, since she's "graduated" EI. She gets all her services at school, so we sat down with them in June and went over her plan. She gets speech 3/6 days and PT 2/6 days, and in addition the whole classroom is set up to meet the needs of kids with special needs. Her teacher is a special educator, and there is an aide and a nurse in her classroom of 10 kids. They encourage independence, but also meet the kids where they are at. Is your dd at private preschool and getting services there? If so, I would defintely put your goals and expectations for the year in writing. Also, you may want to set up a couple of meetings to check your dd's progress over the next few months. Just my thoughts, but I am very new at this also!
    Good luck,

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    Default Does she have an IEP?

    these type of accomodations should be discussed with the team at an IEP meeting and then documented as part of the IEP. I am not a fan of putting it in a letter without ever discussing it first. If you bring it up verbally and ask for a meeting, then follow it up with a letter "thank you for agreeing to meet on these issues." I would also position it as "her OT suggested we try a few things in the classroom... can we schedule a meeting to discuss these."

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    Default thanks, i will try to set up a meeting

    when the teacher is available.

    She is on a college schedule, so she will not be available for a few weeks.

    I still may type up some concerns tonight to put in with her file.


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