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Thread: What you NEED is a leash.......

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    Default What you NEED is a leash.......

    Okay, I have to get this off my chest. I have DS who is 6yo with SID, ADD, and speech issues. I have been taking him for 3+ years for OT and Speech. Since his 22m old brother was born, he has been dragged everywhere for therapy, swimming, gymnastics, etc. I have finally started taking him to gmynastics and other mom/tot things on his own. I have concerns that he may have some issues, as I see things in him I saw in my older one.....

    Today, while I was struggling to keep younger one occupied in the therapy waiting room (1.5 hours) I was just beyond frazzled. It has been a looooooong two weeks, my younger one would not cooperate in the gymnastics class earlier that morning, and we basically had a meltdown in the older one before we went to speech. I was pretty much at my limit in patience. Plus, I slept about 4 hours, and have some flu bug coming on....

    So while my little one is going back and forth from the waiting room to the entryway, wanting to play with the toy in the entryway (WHY WOULD THEY PUT IT THERE IN A SNK FACILITY?) he was getting me even more frazzled . He would go into the outer entryway through a door, and I would follow him and sit in the chair. 15 seconds later, he would open the door to go into the inner waiting room, I would follow, he would play or look at the fishtank, and then back to the outer. Inner, outer, inner, outer times about 50, and I had had enough. I brought his toys and books from home, and he wasn't interested. He just wanted to be difficult and stubborn. There were two other moms (of SNK) in the room, and one looked at me with a sympathetic smile and said "I feel your pain. We've had days like this, too." and the other shoots back "What you NEED is a leash!" WTF??? I was SOOO stunned. Her DS is in the same social skills OT group as my older DS, and if it weren't for that, I would have LAID INTO HER. I just looked at her, stunned, and said nothing. I picked him up, walked into the outer lobby, and sat on the chair and started to cry . I would expect an ignorant comment from Mrs Smith on the street, but in a therapy center where we ALL have SNK ? I am so disheartened.....

    What would you do?


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    Default Is it possible she was trying to make a joke? m

    I'm so sorry---the only thing I can think is she was trying to be funny.

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    Default In that situation....

    With not enough sleep.....

    There are probably a lot of other ways to handle it, but I wouldn't be able to think of them on 4 hours sleep.

    I really DO feel your pain. BTDT many many times.


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    Default Depending on my mood at the time....

    which usually isn't good when I'm frazzeled, I might have said..."What you need is a gag..."

    I really don't know honestly....since her child's in your child's class, that's a tough one. I usually call dh on the cell and rant at him to let off steam in situations like that.


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    Default That's a good response, hee hee

    I'm hoping she was just venting frustration about her own child and trying to "relate" ... but poor choice of words!

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    What a stupid comment. I'm sure she didn't mean any harm, but people just don't think before they speak. I'm sorry...............

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