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Thread: 2 Lightbulb Moments...

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    Lightbulb 2 Lightbulb Moments...

    My DS was dx with auditory and visual processing disorder during the last 2 school years and thru a lot of therpay and help, things are coming together for him at school. But I want to share 2 light bulb moments I recently had in hopes it might lead to a light moment for one of your kids. Plus, this group is the only place I can share these moments and have other parents understannd how great it is to have a light bulb go off!

    My first light bulb moment was at back to school night this week in which the teacher was describing how some children struggle with math facts (2nd grade). This is an area that my son does struggle with as he can not take timed tests due to memory retreval issues. Back to the point... the teacher said that the kids that struggle are often looking at each math problem... 1+1+2... 1+2=3 as individual facts to learn...which in turn is alot of math facts. But what they really need to do is to understand how addition/subtraction works thru patterns and sequences. As an example, 1+2 is the same as 2+1... these are related not 2 individual math facts That's it.. that is why my son is struggling.... he does not see the big picture of how addition and subtraction works... he is too worried about each individual equation instead of how all addition and subtraction is inter-related and there are patterns and a sequence to math. Ok... Mom now gets it and I'll put away the flashcards!!

    So I went on line looking for information about teaching my son math visually and I stumbled on a web site about visual-spatial learners. Now I know my DS is VERY visual but I never knew how different his learning style was until I start reading this web site...

    This web site is a gold mine of information about visual-spatial learners (VSL). There is even a quiz you can take about your child to see if they fit the profile. (my son fits all but 2). It has lots of info about how they process information and how their memory works. I am so excited to better understand my son and how he learns so I can help him to be s successful student. Now I understand why the school's answer to us was "we just don't know how to help your son"... because they don't get him and they don't know how to teach a VSL child! Well.. the school better hold on because I am off to order 2 copies of the book, Upside Down Brillance, one copy for me and one copy for his teacher!

    Thanks for listening and sharing in my light bulb moments!


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    Christine S Guest

    Default Omg.....

    That's me. That's Tobin. That *might* be Ame too (I'll have her take the test on her own).

    You are genius. You just figured out WHY Tobin could tell us math facts about objects around him but not count to 5. Why he could read words in one context but not another. Why he GETS things that other 5yo's don't understand, yet he often appears behind them in academics.

    Brilliant. Thank you so much.


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    I am wondering if this is my dd Savanna. Thanks for the website! I'm glad that you have found something that will help your ds so much! And that you are getting ready to prepare the teacher. How lucky he is to have you as a mom!


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    Default *sigh*

    Aren't those lightbulb moments great? Sounds like you are really onto something. I hope you see the results quickly!

    Ironically, I've just gone through a couple of NLD books today - and my son is the complete opposite - an auditory learner and not visual at all. It's so great when you start putting the puzzle together. Keep us posted on how things go...

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