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Thread: I try to support people here....

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    Default Sue....

    I haven't been here in a while. I hope you are aware that I have been following Keagan's story forever and usually post someone whenever you post some new about him.

    Which post are you referring to? I love Keagan posts.


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    Default Thanks for being supportive of others

    you are a better person than I.

    I am happy to hear that your son is mobile again, even though I have not responded to any of your posts about his journey.

    I just spent 45 minutes trying to explain why I rarely post, but I am sure it came out wrong (I don't talk well to others in person either) so I deleted it. But don't worry I will be sure to reread the board rules to make sure I am still welcome here.

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    Default Sometimes it takes me several reads before I reply...

    I may read a post, then go on and think about it, or do a bit of research, or just consider how to reply. I don't always reply right away, or after the first read.

    Also, as newbie on this board and just in the beginnning process of figuring out what is up with my dd, I often don't feel I have useful responses, but I am learning a great deal from other's experiences.

    So, perhaps you need to look at all those views differently--count THAT number as the level of concern, not the number of actual replies. Look at every view as a light touch on your head, like a mother might give a child in passing.

    (((hugs))) to you.


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    Default I'm so happy for Keagan!

    Hi Sue - I'm so glad that the surgery went well, and I so sympathize with everything you've gone through. I agree with the mom who posted that every time a post is read, it can be considered as an acknowledgement that we care. (Unfortunately, I can't locate her post in the current format to give her credit for her thoughts.)

    I usually don't get a chance to read the board more than once per week, and I usually only respond to posts when there are issues for which I think I can provide tangible help (i.e., feeding, potty training, some sensory/ASD issues). But, I want to let you know that I am here reading and sympathizing with your ordeal.


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