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Thread: Thanks and an update...

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    Default Thanks and an update...

    thanks to those of you who replied or gave silent postive thoughts to Alex and me the other night.

    I have found a new OT. She is excited to be challenged by Alex. Also, about 10 minutes after talking with her, a Music Therapist from the same place (this is where we used to get MT, but the therapist left) called and Alex will get back to back OT then MT once a week for starters. She sounds awesome! Also, we are closer to finding an ABA therapist. I finally found an agency that I think I will like and they are very helpful! (so far) Will keep you posted on that...
    OH! And this is exciting...the same place where Alex will have OT and MT is looking into hippatherapy for Alex, as well! Yippee! I think my super sensory boy would like that, but I don't know alot about it for kids with autism. Any insights?
    So, was it you, Christine who said when a door closes, another opens? I think you were right! Feeling really good about these changes!
    Again, thanks for making me feel better the other night! It was nice to read supportive replies. I don't post often. I am so busy with three kids and teaching full time. But, I am going to make a serious effort to change that.


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    great news Kathie. let us know how it goes, hope the extra therapy helps Alex

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    Default We love hippotherapy!

    Good luck with it. It is so much fun they don't realize it's therapy.

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