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Thread: PT FRUSTRATIONS 3+ yr old SID, Dysprasia, Anxieties, etc

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    Default PT FRUSTRATIONS 3+ yr old SID, Dysprasia, Anxieties, etc

    we REALLY need some PT help from other parents here...the books we have including "Potty Training for Dummies" are just not working for us/Ella.
    IF she is naked from the bottom down, she will use her potty for pee no problem and hardly have any accidents. IF she has big girl underwear on, she will make it maybe half the time with our prompting, but if she is naked and has to poo, she cries until we give her a diaper or she has even went on the floor. yes, you read that right. (It has been a while since she #2'd on the potty) (OK, so #2 potty anxiety, we can deal with that...)
    Sometimes, it almost seems like she is doing it on purpose though. OK, that sounds crazy, but today she asked to keep her Thomas the Train underwear on instead of putting on a diaper -so we dressed her and kept her big girl underwear on...within 2 minutes she had pooped them FULL.
    I mean, maybe it is just an accident, but I don't know????????
    Any suggestions?
    Should we just wait or what?? I guess that is all we can do.
    Her teacher was changing her diaper Monday and Ella pooped all over the changing table, apparently on purpose cause the teacher was upset. Help.
    I know SID might be making it hard for her to tell when she has to go, but it seems like she knows.
    Any advice appreciated.....
    thanks for listening!
    ella 3

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    I don't know, we didn't have this same issue but maybe some of this would end up being helpful?

    Savanna would ask for a diaper to poop. She would not poop in the potty. I somehow found out that she needed to be alone in the bathroom to do it. After I started leaving her alone, she did great. Who knew a kid that young would have privacy issues!

    Sierra wasn't getting any of it. She seemed ready and I had started once and stopped for a while and started again, just before her 3rd birthday. What did it for her was that I started telling her what was going on with my body when I needed to go and I'd say "I feel my pee-pee (or poop) coming! I'm going to run to the potty so I don't go in my pants!". I'd talk about everything, what I was doing and why and what I was feeling. This helped her make the connection I guess of what she was suposed to be doing.

    Who knows if any of that would help you, but you never know! Good luck to you guys!


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    Tanner asked for a diaper to poop for a long time. I honestly didn't push the issue. He finally learned to go on the potty, but it took a while. I really didn't make a big deal of it at all because I didn't want the stress. If you think she's intentionally going on the changing table or whatever, then I'd probably address that as a separate behavioral issue.

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