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Thread: Re-introducing myself and dd

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    I should add, too, that our psychologist thinks Tanner possibly has NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disorder) but can not rule that in or out at this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jules2
    I agree. She presents with autism spectrum characteristics and should have another neuropsych eval done as soon as possible.

    im not saying its spectrum per say...but i am saying a full and thorough across the board eval should be done since she is having problems that could be more than just SID. hugs

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    Default Hi Stacy. I've been thinking about your post (m)

    I agree with everyone's suggestion that you probably would benefit from doing some more research about your daughter's situation. Whether her condition is finally defined to be SID, a Spectrum condition, or anything else, I think your end goal would to find some more strategies that will help you to work effectively with your daughter. As I see it, the purposes of assigning a "definition" is to be able to qualify for more services, if they are needed.

    I've personally become numb to the definitions. I consider myself very lucky because ds's school system did not require us to get a diagnosis for him to be in his current school program. The program, which we love, is intended for kids with Aspergers Syndrome. We agreed to have ds classified as "Autistic" by the school system, but we would not agree to get a diagnosis from a professional unless we really needed the diagnosis to qualify for services. Dh and I are hoping that he will grow out of his eccentric tendencies, and we have some concerns that (as some knowledgeable people on this board have posted in the past), it might be difficult for him to get insurance if he is officially diagnosed as Autistic Spectrum.

    So, my suggestion would be to do whatever research you can, and to find out what sort of services you can get that would help you daughter before you agree to have an official diagnosis.


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