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Thread: autism diagnosis for Miriam - need hugs!

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    Default Big Hugs!!!!

    I am sorry about the dx.
    I have had the same feelings with my dd.

    I hope that time heals your feelings about this and that you have the strength to feel good about how you are helping her. I think in time you will probably just feel like it is still the same kid, but now you just know more about how to deal with her.

    My heart goes out to you.

    -Angi and Ella

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    Default Big hugs from me...

    Alex was three when he recieved his ASD dx, he's almost 6 now and I remember it like it was yesterday. Like you, we knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any easier!

    Sending you hugs!


    Quote Originally Posted by Anita
    I am sorry you got the dx. It really is a shocker to hear even though you know it was possibly coming. I found that I went through a mourning process for about 2-3 weeks after ds got the dx and then was ok. You are doing a great job getting support here, seeing top notch doctors and all of the other intervention you have done for your dd has made a difference.

    Jack 8/20/99 High Functioning Autism and SID

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    Default (((Hugs))))

    First let me say that your DD is ADORABLE! What a cute little smile she has. The video made me smile.

    I am so sorry you are going through all of this, I am sure it is very heartbreaking. Hopefully because the therapists who work with her don't seem to think she has autism, it might be very, very mild. And with intervention at such a young age, she can do so so well.

    (((Hugs))) to you and your sweet little girl.


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    hugs. I hope that intensive therapy helps. hugs again

    2 special needs boys
    Grant 9-8-99
    Holt 10-15-04

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    Meant to post sooner. Dd was diagnosed with ASD last year. It's tough to swallow, but it explained so much about her. We always knew, but did not have a name for it. I found the diagnosis to be a relief b/c we could finally get her the help she needed.

    HUGS to you,
    Morgan (almost 11)

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    Default (((hugs))))

    My dd is 5 with PDD. It is still hard to hear.
    But, she is the same kid who I loved before she got the formal diagnosis. And, overall, she is a great kid.
    Leslie M.

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    Default you got 'em

    The best thing someone said to me when we got dx's was that it doesn't change a *thing* about your child. They are every bit as wonderful. The only thing is now you know they have something special that helps you understand how to help them. Kind of like discovering they speak French. You may not speak it now, but dang if you don't learn fast now.

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    Default Many hugs!

    Love the elf!
    As you know, the diagnosis is a good thing since it will help you with services. Still hard to hear though, so hugs to get you through it!

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    Hugs from here, too, Joanne...
    I love the name Miriam, by the way, too. My ds is autistic, too, and is doing very well as a result of the intense intervention, therapy and biomedical, since he was dx'd at 20 months. We have challenges of course but I am so happy to report that we had such a "normal" Christmas--he was fully engaged, chatting away about Santa, appropriately playing with his toys. It has really been a brutal couple of years emotionally for us but I don't know what else you can do but plug away and pull out all the stops. It is amazing to see my ds emerge inti this funny and affectionate, chatty little boy. GOOD LUCK. Looking forward to updates about Miriam.


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