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Infertility Project with Global Giving: INCIID is in need of a new server and an updated website to manage our growth and traffic. It will be impossible to continue unless we can get at least halfway to our goal of $12,000.
INCIID, a charity,  was the FIRST infertility site on the Web in March 1995 - we need your help to continue!

We have a plan in the works but we need to fund it to continue our IVF Scholarship and mission to educate and support the infertility community.
GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits in nearly every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
INCIID has this donation project listed with Global Giving. I hope you will consider helping us by donating before the new year.

Visit Gobal Giving to see how to help with INCIID's current project!

An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Edie Carey


An Interview with Edie Carey, musician, singer and songwriter; Read her story and watch the music video. "These Things" was written after

a near-death experience caused by excessive blood loss due to a fibroid tumor and several years of infertility that followed.





Biotin Interference E-Learning Module

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