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Let the laughter of angels
heal a broken heart.

As Long As I Live You Will Live
As Long As I Live You Will Be Remembered
As Long As I Live You Will Be Loved

~ Author Unknown ~

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In honor of the two beautiful children
I have thanks to ART,
The child I lost who 
I will always carry in my heart, and
The children I am hoping for 
In the future.

In memory of the four Ryder Angels.

In memory of our five angels, especially our beloved identical twin girls, Megan and Lauren, who died 12-9-97. 

In Memory of our 3 babies we lost: October 1996, March 1997, and September 1998. You will always be in our hearts and minds  

In memory of all of the beloved angels up In heaven, one day the earthly mothers Will hold you.
But for now we will hold you
In our hearts.
~ Michelle~