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Miscarriage & Loss

  • Pregnancy Loss

    There are many reasons for pregnancy loss none of which include bad luck or fate. At INCIID you can read about the science and the medical reasons for losing a much wanted pregnancy.  Arming yourself with information will be helpful in achieving a live birth.

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    Memorial Gardens

    We are truly sorry for your loss. It is our hope the INCIID Memorial Gardens will offer you some solace and that it may become a place of healing and a place to memorialize your loved one. We hope this will be a place you will feel free to visit often.

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    Grief & Loss

    People grieve in different ways. Here you will find article to support you through the grief of losing a much-wanted baby, the loss of fertility, the loss of an intended adopt or loss of any loved one.

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    Pathology of Pregnancy

    Pregnancy for some is easy but for others who encounter complications it can be very difficult.

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    Genetic Testing

    Article here include those dealing with genetic counseling, testing and the process of providing individuals and families with information and support on the nature, inheritance and implications of genetic and related conditions.

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