From INCIID the Heart: Video of the first baby born through our IVF scholarship program



The "From INCIID the Heart" program, established in the summer of 2004, provides IVF services to deserving couples who would not otherwise be able to afford them. 
(Warning: Baby video)



Shewanda and Carl Harris were one of the first couples to participate in the program.  Shewanda had one miscarriage and two ectopic pregnancies. According to Dr Mory Nouriani, “Shewanda’s case was an exceptionally difficult one. Her prior surgeries had left her with one remaining ovary which had been scarred down, and we were only able to obtain 6 eggs from that remaining ovary.  Despite the up-hill battle, we were elated that her cycle was successful.” Shewanda’s only hope to conceive was through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  At an average cost of over $10,000 per attempt, IVF was financially out of reach for the Harrises.


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