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For Immediate Release: Stamford CT, 2009
Affordable options allow couples to pursue 
fertility treatment in tough economic times.
International Surrogacy introduced at NEFI.


For many couples the dream of  becoming parents cannot be put on hold even during difficult economic times.  This is especially true for women who are 35 years and older, when fertility is declining.   Dr. Gad Lavy, founder and director of New England Fertility Institute presents couples with affordable fertility programs, allowing couples to start treatment as soon as possible.


New England Fertility Institute now offers a variety of financial options to assist couples who do not have medical insurance to cover their fertility therapy.


AFFORDABLE OVULATION therapy:  A flat fee covers up to three cycles of ovulation therapy and insemination, the first therapy for may couples.


AFFORDABLE  IVF:   A  variation of the standard in vitro fertilization process. The cost is reduced by using less medications.  Even though fewer embryos are produced and in most cases no embryos area available for freezing,   The cost of this program is approximately half the cost of traditional ( standard) IVF.


IVF ASSURANCE: This program allows patients who qualify, to pay a flat fee for treatment which includes 6 IVF cycles.  Patients receive a refund of up to %80, if pregnancy is not achieved.


INTERNATIONAL SURROGACY:  Gestational surrogacy has become a viable option for women   unable to carry a child to term.  New England Fertility Institute's gestational surrogacy program is among the largest and most successful in the northeast.  Last year, New England Fertility Institute expanded its gestational surrogacy program internationally by establishing collaboration with one of the most respected programs in India.  Thus the cost of the procedure is significantly less, yet the chances of success equal those in the U.S.  The gestational surrogates receive excellent medical care and are closely supervised through out their pregnancy.


New England Fertility Institute will host an evening of complimentary financial consultations, March 12th, starting at 5:30 pm in their Stamford office. Ms. Debra Degirolomo, financial counselor will conduct private consultations. To RSVP, please email or call 203-325-3200. Refreshments will be served and couples will receive a complimentary resource  packet.   


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