Breakthrough Infertility Study Doubles IVF Success Rates and Opens Door to Egg Freezing


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- A process that could markedly improve pregnancy rates from In Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) was reported in a study published in the prestigious medical journal Fertility and Sterility (F&S).


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 "This very exciting breakthrough could more than double IVF pregnancy success rates while reducing the risk of multiple births. We are now much closer to the goal of one IVF attempt, one egg, and one embryo, yielding one healthy baby," said Dr. Geoffrey Sher, who along with Levent Keskintepe PhD , both of ReproCure, LLC and the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine(SM) (SIRM) developed the process and conducted the study.

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