Press Release: Peoria Fertility Clinic Helps Give


Peoria Fertility Clinic Helps Give

the Gift of Life to an Indiana Couple
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(March 10, 2006 – Peoria, IL)  An Indiana couple are the newest beneficiaries of a charitable program that helps prospective parents that are struggling with infertility. Michelle and Randy Mittman of Brownsburg, Indianabecame the parents of a baby boy on February 16th with the assistance of Dr. Kathy Trumbull of Peoria and a special scholarship program created by INCIID(pronounced “inside”), the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination.


The scholarship program, called From INCIID the Heartprovides IVF services to couples who would not otherwise be able to afford them. Couples for whom IVF is medically indicated can submit an application, financial information and an essay to INCIID. Once processed, applications are turned over to a volunteer committee that selects the recipients who will receive treatment.  IVF services are donated by a number of participating infertility practices across the country.   


Due to certain medical factors, many couples’ only hope for conception is through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a process by which eggs are extracted from the female partner, fertilized in a laboratory and returned to her uterus.  With an average cost of $10,000-$15,000 per cycle, IVF is out of reach for many prospective parents.    


The Mittmans tried unsuccessfully for 7 years to have a baby.  Michelle had been through extensive surgery to address reproductive issues.  At age 22, an ovarian cyst forced her to have her right fallopian tube and ovary removed.  Adhesions resulting from the operation required several additional surgeries.  Between surgeries, they tried fertility medications to stimulate Michelle’s remaining ovary to produce multiple eggs, thereby increasing their chances for conception. After a total of 10 unsuccessful rounds of fertility medications over several years, they were told that their only hope for having a baby was through In Vitro Fertilization.  Because of the cost of IVF, they had ruled this option out until they heard about the From INCIID the Heart program


The Mittmans applied to the program in the Summer of 2004.  After being passed up initially, they were eventually selected in 2005 and traveled from their home in Brownsburg, Indiana to Peoria last May for treatment with Dr. Kathy Trumbull at the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine – the nearest participating IVF practice.  Following their first IVF treatment cycle with Dr. Trumbull, they learned that Michelle was pregnant.  “Needless to say, we were absolutely thrilled,” Michelle said.  “After 7 years of trying, I couldn’t believe we were finally going to have a baby.”  On February 16th, Michelle gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom they named Samuel Aidan.


“We just loved working with Dr. Trumbull and the staff at the Sher Institute,   They were great during our treatment, and they even called to check on us throughout the pregnancy,” Michelle said.  “We’re so grateful to everyone at INCIID and Dr. Trumbull’s office for helping make our dreams come true.”


Dr. Trumbull, who has donated a number of IVF treatment cycles to the INCIID program was thrilled for the Mittmans as well.  “They are such a deserving couple and have been through so much to get to this point, I was happy to be able to help them,” she said.  “Seeing the joy that people feel in a situation like this is the best part of my job.”


Nancy Hemenway, founder and director of INCIID, is working on expanding the scholarship program further. “Michelle and Randy are a perfect example of the thousands of couples who desperately want and deserve children, but are limited by reproductive issues,” she said. “By teaming with generous IVF programs to alleviate much of the financial burden of treatment, we are able to level the playing field and help them become families.”



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