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Chat with Anca Sira, M.S., Dipl Ac, L.Ac
Wednesday January 5, 2005 9 PM ET


Anca Sira, M.S., Dipl Ac, L.Ac is a California Board Licensed and Nationally Certified Acupuncturist  She received her Masters of Science from Meiji College of Oriental Medicine, in Berkeley, California  She has 12 years experience in the healing profession and has studied extensively with some of the finest teachers in Oriental Medicine  Anca has a general practice of Oriental medicine treating many conditions and specializes in fertility and women's health issues  Using acupuncture, herbal medicine, Japanese healing modalities, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling, Anca Sira has helped improve the quality of life for her patients.

Judy: Hello Anca, Can you tell me what kidney yang deficiency means?
Anca Sira, LAc : Kidney yang deficiency is a term used in Chinese medicine that would in a nutshell describe a luteal phase defect  There would be other symptoms such as cold hands and feet, aversion to cold, frequent urination.

Anca Sira, LAc : I really want to stress that it's important to have a diagnosis and herbs customized to your individual needs and this will help you the most  Generally speaking blood building herbs help with lining and kidney yang herbs help with progesterone levels  Femoral massage can be used to help lining as well.

Anca Sira, LAc: Clots are usually indicative of blood stagnation and if you are not getting any herbs to address this then it will not change much  The best time to do this is during your menses.
Anca Sira, LAc: Femoral massage and electrostim to the lower back all help get blood to the area to nourish the ovaries  There are herbs that will help as well.


Anca Sira, LAc : You can have your partner do it for you or you can do it yourself  Find the femoral artery in your groin area and press on it till you feel no pulsating under your fingertips and hold for 30 seconds and do this 3 times on each side  It's easier when someone else does it as the pressure is hard to exert alone.


kc72: What kind of acupuncturist should I look for?
Anca Sira, LAc : It’s important to have an acupuncturist that has worked with RE's so that your RE is comfortable with that person giving you herbs  I never encourage self prescribing  Everyone I have worked with has done better on herbs than without to give you an idea.
kc72: how many months in advance of doing IVF should you be doing acupuncture?
Anca Sira, LAc : There is no specific number but the longer the better as this gives you more time to become balanced and respond well.

Mary: Would a gluten-free diet help with elevated natural killer cells/immunological implantation failure?

Anca Sira, LAc: Yes, Gluten is an allergen so you want to calm your immune system down and not aggravate it  So yes, eliminate gluten

Judy: Is there a difference between abdominal massage and femoral massage?

Anca Sira, LAc : Femoral massage cuts off the femoral artery and backs the blood into the uterus and ovaries  Abdominal massage can also improve blood flow to the area but not by the same mechanism  Both are excellent.
Jane : Hi, are there any specific foods that help with implantation?

Anca Sira, LAcAncaSiraLAc : I know that bromelain has been used by women thinking it helps with implantation as it is an anti inflammatory.  It wouldn't hurt but in my opinion, there are no real foods that help with implantation.
However, you might try to get on some supplements to help support your endocrine system  Like wheatgrass juice, Vitamin B6, Indole 3 carbinol, Selenium, Omega 3 with DHA, and flaxseed oil to start.

Anca Sira, LAc : Clotting generally doesn't impact implantation unless you have fibroids or scar tissue or adhesions  If it's just clotting you're referring to, no  But stagnation means the blood is not moving well and could affect blood flow to a developing baby so it's important to address it.


dlp : To follow up on my questions about trying to conceive over 40, you mentioned Indole 3 Carbinole  Haven’t heard of that one! Is it in tablet form alone or is it included with some other supplement. BTW, thanks for sharing information with us INCIIDers!

Anca Sira, LAc : Yes, my pleasure, Indole 3 carbinol helps the liver metabolize estrogen  It comes in a capsule form.



Judy : I have been very dry, and I am 30 years old.  Does this effect infertility? What should I take to balance my hormone in that matter?
Anca Sira, LAcAncaSiraLAc : This is a broad question that requires more history  Generally this indicates either blood deficiency and/or yin deficiency and you would address this with herbs.

kc72: How often do you see most of your patients to treat them for kidney yang, spleen and liver? My acupuncturist usually sees me right around time of ovulation and I am on customized herbs. Thank you very much Anca for your time and expertise!
Anca Sira, Lac: It depends on the severity of their symptoms, but generally 1 time per week. I've found over time that just at ovulation isn't really enough.

juliewi : Can a home stimulator like an RS 41 help?  I was given this to help my lower back pain but it has about 10 sticky pads which I put all over my lower back for stims ?  Can this help with follicles and different things we have been addressing here? Thank you very much for your help this evening..
Anca Sira, LAc : This sounds like a tens unit  You could try it. The worst that would happen would be that it didn't affect your follicles but your lower back feels good  I suggest my patients hook it up to UB 23, UB 32, UB 57 and Spleen 6.


Thank so much for joining us tonight. We hope you will come back and chat again.

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