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Bennington, VT, -- In its third update to A Journalist’s Guide to Adoption, the first, unbiased adoption research portal designed for and by journalists, Institute of Adoption Information has expanded coverage of the all facets of adoption issues, including children in foster care, embryo adoption, adoption ethics, safe havens and open records. It also is the only publication that puts adoption into context with the modern family. IAI, which designs guides for professionals who encounter adoption in their work, links the "JGuide," published in 2003, to the most current information on adoption now on the web at

"With this tool, agencies, child welfare officials and adoption support organizations can introduce themselves to their local media and work with them to enhance both the understanding of adoption and the quality of reporting on adoption," said IAI Executive Director Kathryn Creedy. "In any week, there are hundreds of adoption stories whether it is a legislative battle to open adoption records, the homecoming of a long-awaited child, the meeting of adoptees and their birth families, corrupt adoption practices, or an in-depth report on what makes a family. Despite the frequency with which these stories appear, adoption is little understood, and coverage often inadvertently perpetuates myths and stereotypes. This guide has become the prime adoption portal helping journalists understand adoption."

A Journalist’s Guide to Adoption gives journalists a basic familiarity with a variety of adoption-related subjects and provides links to the best unbiased resources and research. In addition, it includes a list of reliable experts and links to organizations working on specific agendas. It helps journalists:

Understand the adoption process and ethical adoption practices;

Provide balanced information that does not perpetuate myths and stereotypes;

Use more accurate and appropriate language;

Determine when adoption is germane to coverage;

Put adoptive and birth families into context with the changing modern family; and

Understand how adoption holds lessons for other non-traditional families especially for the million-plus children resulting from assisted reproduction and surrogacy.

The guide recounts how adoption is changing the modern family as well as the serious social implications of not understanding adoption including the crisis in foster care, teen parenting, and infant homicide. It also addresses the implications of baby-abandonment laws and explores how public prejudice toward adoption hampers adoption planning for children who still await permanent homes.

The project includes contributions from Adam Pertman, author of Adoption Nation and executive director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. It has also been reviewed for accuracy by some of the top adoption professionals including Ada White, director of adoptions, Child Welfare League of America; Brenda Romanchik, executive director of Insight, a birth parent advocacy group; Marilyn Waugh, president of American Adoption Congress, one of the largest adoptee resources in the country; Marley Greiner of Bastard Nation, The Adoption Rights Organization; and the National Adoption Information Clearing House.

The guide is the third in a series of guides published by IAI. An Educator’s Guide to Adoption, designed for teachers, was published in 1999 and A Guide to Adoption for Health Care & Counseling Professionals, designed for the pre-natal medical and counseling communities, was published in January. IAI plans several more guides for both consumers and professionals.

IAI is a nationwide, non-profit organization of adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents and adoption professionals who have united to enhance the understanding of adoption through education.




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Executive Director

Institute for Adoption Information

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