Miracles & Memories Pin Colors and the Meaning


The Miracles and Memories (MAM) ribbon campaign is a global effort to unite all who have struggled with family-building whether that be through infertility, pregnancy loss, or adoption. Each color in the ribbon symbolizes the struggles of men and women everywhere: The Pink symbolizes a soft demeanor but one strong in a sense of justice. It also represents vulnerability. The White incorporates the qualities of all the other colors. It symbolizes innocence and purity that brings with it peace and comfort even in death. White is the color of spirituality, rarity and uniqueness. It symbolizes our unity and compassion; for a child, a loss, possibly a life yet to be lived; one’s fertility or an adoption or pregnancy yet to be realized. Blue is the color of communication and philosophy. The baby-blue in the ribbon symbolizes the desire to have a family. It embraces a deep feeling of love and affection and a compassion for others suffering through the loss of a pregnancy or their fertility. It symbolizes the true blue loyalty and commitment. It empowers us to stand with others and support them. It promotes group unity. 

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