NIAW 2016, Julie's Story: Fragile X Syndrome

Hello, My name is Julie Thomas and my husband is Steve. We went through Embryo Donation or ED to get our daughter. Here is our story:

We meet in High school (awe, I know), and eventually married in 2007 after 6.5 years of dating! We always knew we would have to go through IVF to have children. I carry a genetic disorder called Fragile X syndrome, which causes developmental delays, is passed on the X chromosome. I knew I was a carrier since around age 10. I have 2 brothers that are affected by fragile X and a sister that is not a carrier nor has it. I was told I had a 50%pass rate to our future children and I also had over 1,000 repeats of the gene CGC. That is a huge number!....continued  

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A new way to track ovulation at home

MFB Fertility, LLC Develops Only In-Home Test to Detect Progesterone


Research has shown that couples get pregnant faster when they know when exactly when ovulation takes place. Fertility monitors and ovulation predictor kits allow couples to track estrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels from home. However, until now, there were no tests available to track progesterone.


Advocacy: Your Child's Most Important Team Member

Two women shouting at each other

By Brice Palmer

[Note: REGISTER and join us for the Webinar to discuss this article on March 10, 2016 at 7:30 PM ET]

The opening sentence in our last article and webinar was “This INCIID article is about your child’s most important Team member -  You.”

Fertility Research Survey


Fertility research:  Acceptance and mindfulness among couples dealing with infertility.


Departure of Ulysses

Are you recognizing the need to make some changes in the process of adapting to the unwanted reality of the fertility challenge?  And are you sick of all of the articles which predict failure to maintain your promise to yourself? 

An Open Year-End Letter 2015

Down Syndrome girl holding the arms of her parents
Infant twins
infant twins

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Special Education Advocacy for 2016: The Most Important Team Member

Down Syndrome girl holding the arms of her parents
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paw prints

Down Syndrome girl holding the arms of her parents[Register for the 2016 Jan. 13 Webinar here.]

This INCIID article is about your child’s most important Team member:  You.


Reproduction is germane to being alive, human or otherwise. It sometimes seems that you are surrounded by babies: birds, bees, dogs, sloths, and more galling than anything, your friends or neighbors who aren't sure that they want a baby but find themselves pregnant by accident. That is, everyone and everything reproduces but you. Helen Adrienne gives insight into the emotional plight for those affected by infertility.

Join us December 16th at 7:30 for a Webinar: Coping with the Holidays with Helen Adrienne

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