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INCIID Professional, Partner and Corporate Levels Of Support

INCIID was founded in October 1994 and remains a leading infertility patient destination on the Internet. INCIID was a pioneer in putting experts and consumers together virtually making the term RE a "household term" for consumers. When INCIID first started one of its paramount missions was to get patients to the specialized care of a reproductive endocrinologist. Supporting INCIID through membership, partnering with us to educate and donating throughcorporate memberships enables patients to find the appropriate specialists, information and support to successfully build a family..  INCIID gets a very high volume of target-specific and highly qualified and infertility targeted traffic.

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INCIID professional memberships are individual annual memberships ($395) that support the INCIID Mission.

Annual Individual INCIID Professional Membership 

INCIID Professional Members are typically physicians, attorneys, therapists, students, nurses or other fertility industry specialists with direct patient contact. There are special rates for nurses, therapists and students. INCIID benefits include:

  • A full biographical listing in the INCIID Directory, where patients can search by state or by zip code. The listing includes address and location, phone, fax, professional certifications, awards and area of specialty. Members can update their profile, add links or advertise clinic events such as seminars and workshops for consumers. As a professional member INCIID will also list your clinic events on our calendar or notify consumers in our newsletter.
  • Members can embed videos within their profiles. Patients generally want to know a bit about their doctor before they visit. 
    Take a look at this sample video of RMA CT 
  • Including a listing of the practice name  e-mail address;
  • A direct link to your business website from the Directory
  • An invitation to submit articles and/or fact sheets to INCIID's website and INCIID Insights Newsletter.
  • An invitation to participate in our chats and webinars
  • An invitation to put your clinic events on our calendar.
  • An INCIID Member Page detailing credentials and accomplishments;
  • INCIID points to member profiles first when community members call to ask about locating a physician.
  • Sign up for JOIN as a Professional Member

If you have questions about professional membership, please contact us either by email or phone (703) 379-9178.

All INCIID memberships support INCIID programs and services including the  "From INCIID the Heart IVF Scholarship"

INCIID Partner Members are those clinics that have all physicians join INCIID as members. These physicians and their clinics support the INCIID Mission through all-physician membership. All participating member partner clinics' treating-physicians hold annual individual INCIID Professional memberships. As an added bonus for these clinic members, the clinic is profiled on the INCIID National Page as an INCIID Partner. The clinic profile (as provided by the INCIID Partner) can be updated, changed and include numerous embedded links - videos etc. directly to the partner's website. When a clinic becomes a partner, we will list all their supporting staff without charge (nurses, therapists etc.)

INCIID Corporate Sponsor Members are Corporations that donate ($3000 or more ) annually. This also includes Corporate Sponsors. Each of the individual physicians are listed in the directory as well as on the corporate sponsor area of INCIID. Any clinic that supports the INCIID IVF Scholarship program with annual donations of services (one or more donated IVF cycles) are also included as corporate sponsors. We will also list other staff members and do an extensive Sponsor page as well as rotate a banner periodically on our homepage for these generous clinics.

To inquire about donating services to the INCIID IVF Scholarship Program , please contact us either by email or phone (703) 379-9178. Clinic tell us that participation is very rewarding. Patients who can afford treatment tell us they want to support programs that support other infertility patients who cannot afford treatment.

Your support of the infertility consumer in the form of INCIID Professional Membership, Partnership or Corporate Membership will support the important work we do. Infertile consumers who do have access to treatment are most appreciative of an effort on the part of generous physicians and clinics to support infertility consumers. INCIID supporting Doctors with Heart go above and beyond the norm to support consumers - and consumers in turn want to support clinics who give back to the community. 


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