Miracles and Memories Pins

Miracles and Memories Pin

Help support the infertility community with the Miracles and Memories Pins. Read about the three colored lapel pin representing all aspects of family-building.


Departure of Ulysses

Are you recognizing the need to make some changes in the process of adapting to the unwanted reality of the fertility challenge?  And are you sick of all of the articles which predict failure to maintain your promise to yourself? 

Intralipid Treatment Vs. IVIg for Reproductive Failure

Intralipid Diagram
Intralipid diagram 2
Intralipid diagram 3
Intralipids instead of IVIg

Failure to reproduce is a physically and emotionally challenging ordeal. When reproductive failure is repetitive feelings of shame, of grief and loss and failure are magnified. Before embarking on an effective and successful treatment plan patients need to determine the causes of their inability to conceive and to carry a pregnancy to termThere are many reproductive variables that can delay, interrupt or disrupt a pregnancy.

Reproductive Implantation Failure

Recorded Mind-Body Webinar & Example of Guided Imagery: April 30, 2015 Helen Adrienne, LCSW

Helen Adrienne, LCSW

If you missed Helen's Webinar - please watch the recorded interview online. 

Helen Adrienne, Licensed Certified Social Worker and certified hypnotherapist, is a general therapist who specializes in infertility counseling, couples counseling for infertility, mind/body stress reduction for infertility and gynecological and reproductive issues. In her recent webinar, Helen stressed the importance of good self-care. She explained the mechanisms by which body and brain can be unified and also gave a guided imagry presentation. The recorded webinar is based on her article: Mother's Day and Father's Day: A Helluv Day and Infertility Stressor

Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Infertility

Photo of Chines Stones with words representing the therapy (calm, smooth, peace)

Although the goals of Complementary medicine and conventional Western medicine are the same, their ideas about what causes a disease, the nature of the disease itself, and the process used to regain health are very different.

Prolactin Levels

Pituitary Gland Image

A basic work-up by a reproductive endocrinologist will likely include a variety of blood tests including prolactin levels. Prolactin is a hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland sits below the hypothalamus at the base of the brain.

Dealing with the Stress of the Holidays

The stress of the holidays is a topic that has appeared with regularity in articles and newsletters since 1979 when I began working as a psychotherapist with infertility patients. Rightfully so. Infertility is demanding and stressful. The Holidays are demanding and stressful. And in this case, one plus one equals way more than 2.

Sher Fertility I Believe Video Journal Project (Enter and Vote)

Egg retrieval

IVF is very expensive; add to this that insurance seldom covers the procedure even though they should. It doesn't matter whether a couple has experienced cancer or if the fertility is unexplained. The struggle is beyond difficult. INCIID and a few other RE's and Clinics are trying to level the playing field for couples that need help by offering donated IVF cycles. No clinic has been more generous than Sher Fertility. In an effort to help more couples, Sher Fertility sponsors an annual video project called "I Believe". We encourage couples to tell their video story and enter the project. One couple in each of two categories will be selected to receive a donated IVF cycle. The deadline for entries is November 24th and voting ends on December 1.

INCIID Professional Member Features Dr. George Koulianos of Mobile Alabama

Dr. George Koulianos of Mobile Alabama

This week INCIID features professional member Dr. George Koulianos of The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Mobile, Alabama.

Dr. Koulianos has also been a faithful supporter of infertility patients and INCIID for many years. Be sure to see his teaching video clip on Elective Single Embryo Transfer

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