INCIID Professional Member Features Dr. George Koulianos of Mobile Alabama

Dr. George Koulianos of Mobile Alabama

This week INCIID features professional member Dr. George Koulianos of The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Mobile, Alabama.

Dr. Koulianos has also been a faithful supporter of infertility patients and INCIID for many years. Be sure to see his teaching video clip on Elective Single Embryo Transfer

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PGD Video Clip with Dr. Robert Anderson

PGD Video by Dr. Robert Anderson


Changes in Fertility after Exposure of Sperm to Exogenous PAF

In order to understand the concept of male fertility, a basic understanding of two processes is required. Sperm must undergo a series of steps toward maturation. The next to last step in this series is called capacitation. (Article also has audio)

New Study Associates Failed Fertility Treatment to Worse Mental Health in Women

According to a study published in the European Journal of Reproductive Medicine, wishing and hoping for a child is strongly associated with a woman’s long-term mental health.

Developing the Expertise that Infertility Patients Deserve (Workshop)

Photo of Helen Adrienne

“The therapist that I fired claimed to be an expert but she was not. I could tell that she had looked up a few things on the internet and was pretending that she knew what I needed her to know.”

In your Forties and Trying-to-Conceive

by Mike Berkley
Many women are trying-to-conceive while in their forties. Chances for success are limited and
even if conception is achieved, the rate of miscarriage is high. The reason it is difficult to
conceive is because the woman in her forties has (generally speaking) diminished ovarian
reserve and a reduction in egg quality.

After several failed IVF cycles the usual next step is donor egg. Donor egg has between a 60 and
70 percent success rate.

Infertility Humor

If you've been going through treatment for a long time - have you ever felt like this?



What do men, directions and infertility have in common?


Multiple Miscarriage, Infertility and the Use of Herbal Medicine

Herbs used in Alternative or Complementary Medicine

Always work in concert with your medical professional. There are several herbal medicines which possess antiplatelet and anticoagulant properties. This articles covers some of the herbs with those anticoagulant properties.

Use of Complementary Medicine for Miscarriage Prevention

Improving Egg Quality

Improving Egg Quality with the Use of Mitochondrial Nutrients

Supplementation of mitochondrial nutrients may improve the availability of energy production for the maturing oocyte and the developing embryo and thus reduce aneuploidy and assist in clinical pregnancies and live birth rates.


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