When an Adoption Doesn't Go as Planned

An essay from the heart about a Chinese adoption journey. A couple requests a non special needs child but receives a beautiful little girl with a variety of special needs and emotional issues.

Adoption Advocacy - National Zoo Exploits Children with Adopt-a Confusion

Adopt-a programs promote confusion and exploit children.

Finding a Trauma Therapist for my Child

Trying to find a competent therapist to treat and work with a post-institutionalized and traumatized child can feel like an overwhelming circumstance. Before you start this process, it is important to first educate yourself.

Adopt-a Campaigns: Why they are not respectful by Jane Brown, MSW

Dislike of and complaints about Adopt A.. campaigns often cause controversy within adoptive parent groups. Some parents write or say that they don't mind them, others detest them, others say that they think they positively influence people to think adoption is terrific.

The Legal Rights of Birth Fathers in an Adoption by Amy Silverberg

The U.S. Supreme Court has said that a man who is a putative (alleged) father has an opportunity to establish an interest in a child who may be his biological child. He must grasp this opportunity by establishing a substantial relationship with the child before he will have constitutionally protected parental rights.

Transracial and Transcultural Adoption: A Lifetime Journey, How do I decide? by Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg

When you are considering a domestic or international placement, this kind of adoption raises different questions than adoptions where children look just like their parents. Parenting is a developmental process. You won't have all the answers at the beginning.

Adoption Reading Lists

This list is for those who are actively exploring adoption. Those who are more advanced may also find this a good list to build on.

Patricia Irwin Johnston, MS

Pat has been advising, supporting, writing and speaking about adoption for many years. Read about her experiences and contact her for help, support and direction.

Children First: Making the Paradigm Shift from Infertility to Adoption By Patricia Irwin Johnston, MS

Making the adjustment from medical procedures to adoption is complex. Pat Johnston loans her expertise to what those who want to adopt after infertility need to know in order to be successful

Guides to Adoption: Credentials and Qualifications by Patricia I. Johnston

What makes a good adoption agency, how do you decide which agency or whether to adopt privately. In this lengthy article Pat Johnson will lead you through the maze and give you some solid suggestions on what you should look for before you decide how to pursue an adoption.


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