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Don't Be Afraid to Ask

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask by Brice Palmer

[Webinar Date: May 12 7:30 PM Register] You’ve heard over and over: Ask, and you shall receive.

Advocacy: Your Child's Most Important Team Member

Two women shouting at each other

By Brice Palmer

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The opening sentence in our last article and webinar was “This INCIID article is about your child’s most important Team member -  You.”

Special Education Advocacy for 2016: The Most Important Team Member

Down Syndrome girl holding the arms of her parents
Photo of Ruby the hounddog
paw prints

Down Syndrome girl holding the arms of her parents[Register for the 2016 Jan. 13 Webinar here.]

This INCIID article is about your child’s most important Team member:  You.

Maneuvers: Planning Before You Complain

There are no Perry Mason moments in special education complaints.
Boxer waiting for food

by Brice Palmer
Boxer waiting for foodJoie de vivre (Joy of Life) with a side order of ugh.

First, my apologies for the delay of this article. The last few weeks have given me a roller coaster ride of ups and downs in the emotional sense.

What Does "Appropriate" Really Mean?

Advocacy: Parental Participation

Advocacy special education - Asian girl walking to schoolParental participation.

By Brice Palmer

Is it a right?

[NOTE: Come to the Webinar with Brice Palmer speaker and bring your questions about parental rights and participation. REGISTER HERE. ] 

Meeting Preparation: What you need to know about what you need to know (continued)!

Vol. 1, No. 8 April 29, 2015

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Let’s say the IEP Fairy did not arrive and sprinkle FAPE dust on everything you wanted the school to change or add to the IEP.[1]

How Safe is Our School House: 2015 Report Restraint and Seclusion

Pair of restraints

Pair of restraintsHow safe is your child at school? Read the 2015 report by Jessical Butler, Esq.  Special needs children are more at risk than others.

Webinar Recording: Extended School Year (ESY) March 18, 2015

Power Point Slide introduction to the Extended School Year presentation

Recording of the online workshop for Extended School Year (ESY) held on March 18, 2015

ESY: It's that time of year

Photo on the beach with blackboard that says Summer
Snow scene in the Woods of Vermont

Just in case your child's school district Team puts it off i ESY discussion there is no reason why you should put it off if your student needs Extra School Year Services. The key is being prepared before you confront the Team with your request for ESY (or any other change you want a program or IEP).


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