An Update from Kaitlin and Scott's IVF Scholarship Experience


In late 2013, after many months of treatments and medications, my husband and I were blessed with the gift of a positive pregnancy test.  The coming weeks, blessed us with news of a boy/girl twins pregnancy. This blessed event was a dream-come-true. 

Our pregnancy was smooth as we went through testing, ultrasounds, and OBGYN appointments.  However, at 23 weeks everything changed.  What was once our greatest gift turned into the most difficult event of our lives. The day after we became parents to Nora and Hendrik they passed quietly away in our arms.  They lived only 37 short hours. The heartbreak was unbearable.

Dustin and Julia: Family Photos of their INCIID Scholarship Babies

Twins being delivered c-section
Colton and Cooper infant twins snuggled on top of two guitars
Black and Whilte Photo of twins sleeping and holding hands

Read Dustin and Julia's Story

Parents never expect to bury their child. But that is just what happened to Julia and Dustin who met in high school, graduated, got married and then began their journey to become parents.

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