Special Education: A twenty-four part series on advocacy

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2015: A 24 part special education advocacy series designed to teach parents what they need to know to successfully advocate for their children. Articles are published twice a month. After each article, there is an online interactive meeting to discuss it and answer parent questions.If you have any questions about special needs, the ADA, IDEA etc., please feel free to visit the Ask an Advocate Forum where Brice Palmer will answer your questions.

Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General: What's WRONG with that IDEA?

Prior Written Notice (PWN)

Prior Written Notice is a tool that can be used by parents - a highly effective tool. Take this form (with the requirements for a PWN) to the IEP meeting. Using the form can defuse some of the "ruffled feathers". After all it's not the parents asking for qualification, it's the law. When schools vascilate, ask them to either accept, reject and for dates when services, evaluations etc. will begin or in some cases end.

ADA Resources

ADA & Disability History

ADA Timeline

Learn more about the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through this historical timeline from the ADA National Network. 
Web: adata.org/ada-timeline

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys: Special Education Parent Advocacy

Cowboy Heros

Cowboy Heros [Webinar based on this article is scheduled for October 22 at 7:30 PM ET Register Here To get notification of future articles & webinars - sign up here] My heroes have always been cowboys

And they still are it seems

Case Analysis: You don't have to be a lawyer to learn to think like one!

Thinking like a lawyer

Thinking like a lawyerA Conversation with Brice Palmer

What Does "Appropriate" Really Mean?

Words have Meaning: Respectful Adoption & Person First Language


adoptionWords Have Meaning

I first learned about the use of Respectful Adoption Language (RAL) from Patricia Irwin Johnston more than twenty years ago. RAL refers to attribution of “maximum respect, dignity responsibility and objectivity when working and communicating about adoption. The term was introduced originally by a social worker named Marietta Spencer.

Advocacy: Parental Participation

Advocacy special education - Asian girl walking to schoolParental participation.

By Brice Palmer

Is it a right?

[NOTE: Come to the Webinar with Brice Palmer speaker and bring your questions about parental rights and participation. REGISTER HERE. ] 

IEP'sWebinar: Are Like a Box of Chocolates - You Never Know What You're Gonna Get


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