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The Male Reproductive System: Sperm Analysis

Sperm Analysis

Take this mini course on the Male Reproductive System and test your anatomy knowledge at the same time.

Laura E. A. Cook, M.D., Jan A. Enabore, and
William E. Roudebush, Ph.D, HCLD

Department of Biomedical Sciences
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville
Greenville, SC, USA

The male reproductive system structures give men the ability to reproduce by fertilizing a woman’s egg. There are a number of organs that make up the male reproductive system.
Although infertility is commonly felt to be a female condition, a male factor often plays a significant role. Certain risk factors place a male at higher risk of having infertility including any abnormalities or issues with the testicles themselves, prior treatment for cancer, hormonal disorders, prior scrotal surgery, or even infections such a sexually transmitted disease.