Miracles and Memories Pins

Miracles and Memories Pin

Help support the infertility community with the Miracles and Memories Pins. Read about the three colored lapel pin representing all aspects of family-building.

The Sounds of Silence

Simon and Garfunkel sang of the “words of the prophets being written on subway walls and tenement halls” and prophetic words being “whispered in the sounds of silence.” As prophets themselves, they sang of “people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening.” This article is an invitation for you to ponder what “vision might have been planted in your brain [which] still remains…within the sound of [your] silence.”

An Intimate Look at Intimacy

Intimacy is a powerful antidote for the many dimensions of the stress of infertility. Intimacy is palliative. Intimacy is satisfying. Intimacy provides comfort. Many if not most couples report that they feel much closer, much more intimate, by the time that their infertility is resolved. But the road to resolution can be filled with potholes.

Women's support Group to Begin in February 2008-- New York City

A new women's support group begins meeting in February in the New York City area.

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