Companies which may offer Infertility Benefits

A list of companies updated frequently that have infertility insurance benefits for their employees

Miracles and Memories Pins

Miracles and Memories Pin

Help support the infertility community with the Miracles and Memories Pins. Read about the three colored lapel pin representing all aspects of family-building.

Insurance Carriers that may offer infertility insurance or riders

A starting point list of carriers who have been reported to offer coverage or policy riders for infertility.

Insurance Companies / Carriers Known to Cover Infertility

This is a list (not complete) of companies which have been known to carry infertility coverage. If you want to add to the list, please email us.

Reading Between the Lines in the CDC IVF Clinic Statistics Reports by Sam Thatcher, M.D., Ph.D.

What you need to know about IVF statistics right now! The Fertility Clinic Success Rate and Certification Act of 1992 was supposed to be for consumer protection... but does it. Get the "skinny" on what you need to know about statics before you select a clinic!

Professional Membership

Adoption Advocacy - National Zoo Exploits Children with Adopt-a Confusion

Adopt-a programs promote confusion and exploit children.

Insurance Advocacy Forum

Visit the insurance advocacy bulletin board forum on INCIID.

Ways to Support INCIID

Ways you can support the INCIID mission

Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment

by Pam Prager


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