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What you should know about Managed Care Insurance

What you need to know about HMO's. Questions you need to ask regarding coverage.

Understanding your health insurance

Most Americans get health insurance through their jobs or are covered because a family member has insurance at work. This is called group insurance. Group insurance is generally the least expensive kind. In many cases, the employer pays part or all of the cost.

Infertility Insurance: What is an HMO?

Definition of an HMO and questions you should ask yourself about HMO's.

Outcome Based Reporting: View the beta testing sites here

Historically, IVF treatment results have been reported with a focus upon age as the primary differentiating factor in terms of expected outcome. However, there are well known and defined factors that affect IVF outcome in addition to the age of the egg provider and the type of procedure performed. The Outcome Based Reporting System (OBRS™) is a computerized IVF-specific data collection system that provides reliable IVF outcome data in real time. Results for conventional IVF (with the patient’s own eggs) are presented in separate categories by age, each of which is further divided into four (4) subgroups (A through D) based on relative Categories of Complexity. Read more...

PreTreatment with IVIg Letter to Insurance

IVIG is used to treat reproductive immunological problems including multiple miscarriage and implantation failure. This template letter for pre-treatment medical necessity can be sent to insurance companies as a routine appeal for use of IVIg or Intravenous Immunoglobulin

Children First: Making the Paradigm Shift from Infertility to Adoption By Patricia Irwin Johnston, MS

Making the adjustment from medical procedures to adoption is complex. Pat Johnston loans her expertise to what those who want to adopt after infertility need to know in order to be successful

History of Data Collection and Statistics and IVF

A summary of the history surrounding the gathering and reporting of IVF statistics

Press Release: Class Action Law Suit Filed Against Blue Cross Blue Shield of California

A lawsuit charging Blue Cross of California with failing to offer infertility benefits required by California law was certified as a class action on Tuesday.


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