The Miscarriage Manual: Coping with the Emotional Aspects of Pregnancy Loss by Elizabeth Carney

Miracles and Memories Family-Building Pins

A guide to help you cope with the emotional aspects of pregnancy loss. This was given to INCIID in 1995 by a nurse who experienced the loss of a full-term baby just after she was born. Although it is an older article, the sentiments are timeless and comforting in the knowledge you are not alone.Please give this to anyone you know who has lost a pregnancy. This article is also excellent information for friends, families and loved ones of close to anyone who has lost a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, or just after birth. The more people who understand what to say or more importantly what not to say, the better off those who have lost a child will be.

Guidelines for Funeral Directors (Infant and Neonatal Loss)

These are guidelines set in place for funeral directors providing care to the family who is experiencing perinatal loss,neonatal death SIDS or other infant death.

If Only It Were September

A poem written by a grieving mother.

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