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5 Ways to Organize Your Team (even if you work remotely!)

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In this era of the ‘new normal’, we’re all having to get used to a new way of working. At first, we were hesitant to get used to it, because things can change so quickly, but now we’re a few months down the line of the global health crisis, and it’s clear that things won’t be going back to ‘normal’ for a very long time.

Times of Change

So, what do businesses do in times of change like what we see now? With around 42% of the American workforce now working from home, how can we keep up with our teams’ needs and our need to know what our employees are up to? Possibly even more vital in these times of mass remote working, how do we ensure that all of our team members feel values for both their skills and for what they bring to the team on a personal level if we can’t meet them in person and say that?

We’ve pulled together five tips to help organize your team, and the best thing is they will work whether your team is remote or office-based, or a mixture of the two.

Make Use of Video

This one is a no brainer really; it’s time your team made use of video. Video calling is, at times like these, the next-best-thing to being with your team in person and now we’ve all been using it a bit more, we’re all much more used to being on camera.

Embrace video, but make sure you put some etiquette guidelines in, especially around muting microphones when you’re not speaking!

Digitize Schedules

Scheduling everyone can be an absolute nightmare. We all know Outlook doesn’t do the best job and trying to keep track of hundreds of Doodle polls s just too time-consuming. Switch your team over to an e-rostering system instead. These systems are designed or organize your team better than you can, from schedules to skills, they are worth their weight in gold!

Group Calls

No one likes a meeting for a meeting’s sake, but when we’re all dispersed across the town or feeling isolated at home, it can be nice to connect with your colleagues in whatever way you can.

Set up a regular group video call (weekly or bi-weekly) that isn’t mandatory to attend, just half an hour to say hi and give each other a little bit of support, because we could all do with it right now.

Celebrate the Wins

Did you have the kind of office culture that would celebrate when someone landed a deal, got a promotion, or your conference was a success? Even if you weren’t that kind of office, now is a great time to start implementing these ideas!

Get a company account with an online gift retailer and get everyone on a Zoom call to celebrate with a bottle of Prosecco; it will mean the world to your team and will help to boost morale.

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