The Emotional Side of Procedures

Infertility treatment can be like an emotional rollercoaster. Here you’ll find articles and ideas to support and help you cope.

In this section:

An Intimate Look at Intimacy
Intimacy is a powerful antidote for the many dimensions of the stress of infertility. Intimacy is palliative. Intimacy is satisfying. Intimacy provides comfort. Many if not most couples report that they feel much closer, much more intimate, by the time that their infertility is resolved. But the road to resolution can be filled with potholes.

Embracing Change by Helen Adrienne
To be born is to enter an evolutionary process of growth and change. We all grow in physical size and emotional capacity. We are all called upon to navigate the stages of life. Change is inevitable and non-negotiable.

A Grab Bag of Coping Skills by Helen Adrienne
Coping can be thought of as learning to get out of your own way. We all get tossed around in life and we all form defenses which make it possible to live in our early environment. When something as painful and demanding as infertility hits, we are called upon to adapt to an unwanted reality. Helen offers suggestions for new and more sophisticated coping styles which go beyond what we have had at our disposal.

Conceiving with Egg Donation: Is it right for you?
by Andrew J. Levi, M.D.

Oocyte (egg) donation has become an exciting option for women who otherwise would not be able to conceive. Because the eggs used in oocyte donation are usually from young, healthy donors, pregnancy rates are extremely high, exceeding those of all other fertility therapies available. But is it right for you?

Experiencing, Really Experiencing, In Vitro Fertilization by Helen Adrienne, MSW, ACSW, BCD
In Vitro Fertilization is normal these days, but it’s not really natural. IVF overview by therapist Helen Adrienne

Preparing for IVF: Emotional Considerations
by Sharon N. Covington, MSW, LCSW-C

Infertility is an experience that strikes at the very core of one’s life. When the ability to reproduce is thwarted, a crisis ensues and a host of emotions emerge. Feelings of disbelief, anger, sadness, guilt, blame, anxiety and depression can be overwhelming and finding appropriate avenues to express these emotions is important.

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