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Happy Birthday INCIID CakeHAPPY 21ST !  INCIID celebrates 21 years as a nonprofit organization and the first of its kind in Cyber Space. INCIID was created in October 1994 during Infertility Awareness Week when there was nothing anywhere in cyber space about infertility. So INCIID became the first infertility site on the web.. INCIID's been supporting infertile couples for more than two decades. In 2004 we were the first to organize a national IVF scholarship program and since them many babies have been born with INCIID's help.

Many children have been helped into their families by INCIID. Some of these little ones have been born with special needs. In Celebration of INCIID's 21st birthday, we created a special education advocacy section on the website. Please see the latest newsletter or email for details on how we can support parents of children with special needs with educational advocacy.


Please note INCIID's new address on the bottom of the homepage. We are still getting inquiries at the old address. Although the move last year was carefully planned, the US Postal Service left out very important information needed to properly assure forwarding of our mail. 

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